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The shed wouldn't be possible without community support and donations. We welcome fundraisers or on occasion can take second-hand tools. 

Please see below the ways to support and give to the project.

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Donate or fundraise for the Shed 

We are always looking to improve our shed for the members and as a resource for the wider community.


If you are fundraising or looking for a local charity to donate to please consider Men in Sheds!

We are currently fundraising for:  

  • New workmates 

  • a small bench lathes 

  • Dust extraction 

  • Timber and sheet materials 

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Donations of second-hand materials and tools

We are always grateful to the community thinking of our project to donate materials and tools to. However, if you have been to our shed, you’ll know we don’t have much storage space! For this reason, to make sure we can fit the “men” in our “shed”, we can only take items from the list below.

If you are unsure, please contact Emily, on 07780655185 or email . If you could send pictures, even better!

Amazon Wishlist 

You can donate items to our shed by buying an item on the Age UK Bexley Amazon wishlist. Head to the wishlist by clicking on the button. 

Shed items are all wood workshop related. 

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Donate to Age UK Bexley 

We rely on your support to help older people in Bexley. There are many ways you can donate or leave a legacy to us. Find out how to donate to Age UK Bexley by clicking here

If you would like to donate directly to Men in Sheds Bexley, please specify where you would like your contribution to go to when donating online or by cheque to Age UK Bexley.




Another way to support the community group, is to commission us for a project. We have made all sorts of things for the community from children’s mud kitchens to bat boxes. We can also host workshops for community groups or care homes.


All money raised from commissions or workshops, goes back into the running of the project. Head to our “Commissions and Partnership” page for more information.

Shed Resource list-


What we can take:

Workshop tools:

  • Cordless electric drills or impact driver

  • Electrical hand tools you would be happy for us to sell on to fundraise for the project

  • lightweight Workmates



  • Fixings and fastenings (screws, nails, brackets, hinges, handles etc)

  • Bolts and nuts

  • Drill bits (any sizes)

  • Paint with original label or data sheet (outdoor, garden, fence, acrylic)

  • Varnishes with original label or data sheet

  • Paint brushes

  • Timber- of any size over 1m (we cannot take off cuts)

  • Sheet Materials- Plywood, any hard wood

  • Hardwood blocks for wood turning

  • Wood glues

  • Tapes- masking, gaffer (any sizes)


  • Bark

  • Watering cans

  • Seeds

  • Plants and soil

  • sand

  • Trellising

  • Weed membrane and netting




What we unfortunately cannot take:

  • Any hand tools (hammers, chisels, old screwdrivers, hand saws etc)

  • Any electric hand tools  or machinery unless listed above

  • Paint or varnishes without the original label or data sheet

  • Chipboard or MDF

  • Gardening tools like shovels, forks etc

If you have hand tools to would like to give away, please consider contacting Tools with a Mission ( ). 

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