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Information for Referrers


Men in Sheds Bexley is a community group to reduce loneliness and improve wellbeing through a shared interest in woodwork and making. For those who have undergone life changing experiences such as retirement, loss of partner, changes in health, early stages of dementia, mental health problems and those who lack in self-confidence, the shed can be a sanctuary to learn new skills and meet new people.

Benefits of participating in Men in Sheds Bexley

  • Peer Support

  • Improves confidence and self-worth

  • Learning new skills

  • Fosters new friendships

  • Inclusion in local community

  • Gives structure to daily routine

  • Most importantly provides a space for fun, laughter and enjoyment!

Member Criteria

Members are for the most part unsupervised in the shed. Therefore they need to be independent, have capacity and able to travel to the shed themselves. We take members from over the age of 50.

Staff and volunteers cannot administer any care or handling of clients, e.g. assisting use of toilet. If needed, carers or friends are welcomed to accompany a client to assist in these areas.

​The wood workshop can be a dusty environment. Please bear in mind, for those with breathing problems or COPD, wood dust could be an irritant.

​If you would like some guidance on whether the shed is suitable for the person you would like to refer, please get in touch with the Shed Manager.

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