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Northbourne Court Care Home- 'Make a Bee Hotel' Workshop

Men in Sheds Bexley

Last week our Men in Sheds project welcomed residents of Northbourne Court Care Home for a ‘Make a Bee Hotel’ workshop. Starting with a small box made from pallet wood, the residents sanded the boxes down, till the edges were smooth. Then they cut long bamboo canes into smaller pieces and glued them into the box. Well done to the residents of Northbourne Court. The bee hotels look great!

What is a Bee Hotel?

Bee hotels aim to boost the population of bees. Bees who are not a part of a hive need a dry, safe environment to lay their eggs. The bee hotel will attract non-aggressive, solitary bees and insects, including mason and leaf-cutter bees.

Men in Sheds Bexley

Men in Sheds Bexley

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