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Santa’s Workshop: Christmas with Northbourne Court Care home

We welcomed Northbourne Court Care Home for Christmas themed wood workshops! With the sessions led by our shed members, the residents made Christmas ornaments which they can display in their home. It was great to see our shed members work side by side with the residents and share their very valuable skills.

In our shed, we work under the idea that just because you are over 65 does not mean you have lost the ability to discover new talents. We like to create challenging but achievable activities in our workshop sessions. This means with the right support, the residents can try all sorts of hand tools, be creative and learn new skills.

In the November session we made Christmas tree ornaments made from branches and bark. The residents needed the saw the branches into different lengths, drill a hole in the middle and glue together. A golden star was then placed on top.

We also made snowmen ornaments in the December session. The residents cut the timber into four different lengths, made a top hat, then decorated with paint, glitter and ribbons. The Christmas music was booming and everyone enjoyed mince pieces after the activity.

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